Now accepting orders for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry 2017 Las Vegas Meeting. 

cvLeads also supports other badge input types including RFID, bar codes, QR codes and manual input.

cvLeads also supports other badge input types including RFID, bar codes, QR codes and manual input.

Welcome to cvLeads, the most advanced lead retrieval platform in the industry. cvLeads utilizes Near Field Communications (NFC) technology to instantly transfer attendee contact information with a simple touch of the registration badge.  Our application and license can be downloaded from the Google play store to your own Android tablet or SmartPhone or we can provide you with a tablet ready to go with the application already installed. 

cvLeads Cloud Account

Every licensee receives their own internet account portal where they can follow the progress of their lead collection, add customized questions, sort and graph leads by category and download their data in a variety of formats.

Additional Information

You will receive an email from Convergence two weeks prior to the meeting date providing your license activation number and user credentials. You can use this information immediately to set up your web account portal, enter survey questions/qualifiers, etc. For customers ordering software licenses only, you can download cvLeads at anytime to your own mobile device from Google play. However, please note that cvLeads can only be used in demo mode until your license number is entered and activated.

For those using Convergence provided equipment, Convergence has a well marked booth in the service area on the exhibit hall floor where you will pick up your order (Convergence also provides delivery directly to your booth for a small fee). Just stop by anytime to pick up your equipment, which has already been reserved for you. Tablets are fully loaded with the software application and immediately ready for use. Any questions/qualifiers you enter on your web portal account will be automatically synced with your tablet device. You are also able to add questions, notes, etc., right on the tablet itself, and these will be synced with your web portal account. 

Paying by Check? Please complete the order form below and send to: Convergence, 611 Oakley Place, Alexandria, VA  22302

Need further assistance? contact us here: PH: 703-635-7801